e-Energy Workshop 2023
International Workshop on Energy Data and Analytics

Orlando, Florida, United States
June 20, 2023


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“Using Data and Machine Learning to Understand the Power Grid”
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Session: Data Analytics and Forecasting

Session: Data Sets and Case Studies

Scope and Topics

The design of future energy systems that are efficient, ecologically friendly, robust and scalable is a core concern of our societies. Another very relevant development in recent years is the one towards a data-driven perspective on system design. In the context of energy systems, a broad variety of data, often huge in volume, is available. For instance, each smart meter is generating data streams, which often are recorded and archived. On the other side, this is not the case for all aspects of energy systems, even though the availability of data is crucial for the development of new methods. The questions how data describing energy systems can be captured and processed, how its availability can be increased, and what can be learned from it are fundamentally important. This last aspect includes predictions of various kinds of supply and demand, predictive maintenance of energy infrastructures, the processing of energy-consumption data in a way that respects the privacy of the individuals involved as well as business secrets etc.

This workshop is interdisciplinary in nature, i.e., brings together individuals interested in both data management/data analytics and energy systems. Its objectives are the following ones:

The workshop solicits submissions on the following topics – all of them specific to energy data/energy systems and their characteristics:

On a methodological level, the workshop is open to any kind of submission:

Submission Guidelines

Two types of contributions are solicited:

The submission must be in PDF format and be formatted according to the official ACM Proceedings format. Papers that do not meet the size and formatting requirements may not be reviewed. Word and LaTeX templates are available at http://www.acm.org/publications/article-templates/proceedings-template.html. The proceedings of the workshop will be published by ACM Digital Library along with the e-Energy conference proceedings.

Submissions are made by HotCRP: https://eda23.hotcrp.com/

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Please turn to Klemens Böhm (klemens dot boehm at kit dot edu) for any questions or comments.

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